Dear students, parents and friends of Greek School Portland,

Welcome to the new online school year!

The main reason that we decided to repeat the online model this year is the following: in the teaching of a language, it is essential that both the teacher and the student speak and hear clearly. However, with the use of the mask, which is necessary due to coronavirus, teachers cannot teach pronunciation and articulation, nor can they check and correct the students' speech. This way, we ended up with the distance learning lessons, which currently ensure the best acoustics and image of speech for the whole class.

Moreover, from this fall , we will have a continuous school year. There will be registration at the beginning for the whole year, as it happens in schools. Our aim is to achieve continuity and progress for our students throughout the year and to have consistency in our Greek language studies which will ensure a high level of knowledge.

We are proud of our students, who, in this context of constant attendance, are already progressing we have teenage students who take exams for the A2 language certificate this October. These students started the Greek school 2 years ago and study the language systematically, with the absolute support of their family and the excellent guidance of the Ellinomatheia teacher. Moreover, quite a few adult students, who started the Greek language courses in our school 2 years ago and continued steadily, are now entering the A1 level.

The exams for the Greek Language Certificate are organized by the Center for the Greek Language, the official Organization of Greece that provides the only Greek Language Certificate recognized by the Greek State. The only authorized examination center for Oregon is Greek School Portland, with code#10025. It is based in our church and conducts the examinations every year.

The first online back to school digital meeting will take place on October 9th, at 10:30 am. Classes will start on October 16th, and they will all be on zoom. School year will end on May 21, 2022.

Classes for Pre-K - 12 will take place every Saturday morning and adult classes every Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday evenings.

The Greek School will continue to offer Art classes with Irini Karanikas for our younger students, and the Greek Tech Club with Christor Monocheir for our older school students in place of the Greek Dance classes. Greek Tech Club is 20 minutes of creative activities and games based on the Greek language using various digital platforms.

The zoom links for the back-to-school meeting and the lessons will be sent in time by each teacher to their classes.

Additionally, we will set some dates to distribute books and art material outside or inside the building of Holy Trinity Cathedral while keeping the safety measures.

We are confident that we will have one more wonderful school year, full of knowledge, creativity and joy. Happy New School Year everyone!


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