As this school year 2021-22 successfully came to an end with 60 students, we take a look back at the frame and goals we set at the beginning of the year, and the events during the year.

After the success of our online school of the previous year 2020-21, we had decided to go online again this year, which during the mask period ensured the best perception of the speaking, both pronunciation   and image, for the whole class. Also, this way no class would be likely  to close, nor classes would be missed due to illness.

Also, this time, a continuous school year was adopted instead of two separate semesters, and for this reason we had one registration at the beginning of the year for the whole school year, as it happens in schools.

The above measures contributed to the systematic monitoring and progress of students, and that was our goal after all. Our students who took the exams in October for the A2 level succeeded with very high grades , while the adult students who started the A1 Greek Studies level this year, completed the year with consistency and commitment.

The art packages were distributed twice, in October and in January to the PreK students up to the 3rd grade and were used for the art and Greek culture lesson that took place after the language lesson. It was an excellent activity that gave the children the opportunity to create and learn about Greece. At the same time, the older children attended after class the Technology Club, where they used electronic applications and practiced their Greek.

We had two wonderful online celebrations with our students, one for Christmas and one for March 25th. In the second, some of our adult students participated, and this gave great joy and pride to the entire school community. We were also very pleased with the commitment of all students in rehearsals and presentation, and it was especially moving for March 25, which coincides with the Spring break.

In April we organized a meeting of adult students in Holy Trinity, with coffee and a tour to the museum. It was so touching to spend time all together for the first time, and have with us our students who attend classes from Arizona and Seattle.

Our school participated once more this year in the Archeology seminars organized by the Archeology After School Organization .

On the 23rd of May, our examination center conducted the Ellinomatheia exams for the Certification of the Greek Language in Oregon.

We thank our teachers who gave the best of themselves to their students: Sofia Iosifidi in Ellinomatheia classes and K-12, Maria Anagnostidou in K-12, Irini Karanika in Art class, Christos Monocheir in Tech club.

We thank our volunteers who supported us in various ways: Christos Karanikas, Thomas Spathas, Katerina Chachas, Chris Ghyzel, Ted Nieuwsma, Amy Aivaliotis.

Of course, the center of all our efforts is our students. We thank with our hearts the students and their families for their love and devotion to the Greek school.

The certainty we had from the beginning was verified: we shared a wonderful school year again, full of knowledge, creation and joy.

Happy summer to everyone!

Theodora Nakou | director

Art class project: traveling to Greece | theme: Santorini
Εργασία στο μάθημα Τέχνης: ταξίδι στην Ελλάδα | θέμα: Σαντορίνη

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